School of Humanities

The School of Humanities and the Social Sciences Department are responsible for the teaching of Chinese Literature, Ideological Courses and College Chinese. For all these years they are dedicated to the training of a large group of innovative, well-trained socialist builders.

The School of Humanities has a team of experienced and dedicated teachers, including 37 full time teachers and 15 part-time teachers. Among them there are 6 professors, 9 associate professors, 22 lecturers, 25 of them have a Master’s Degree and 4 have Doctor’s Degree.

The School of Humanities has completed more than 20 academic research projects at province or state level. They have published over ten textbooks and works, and over 200 academic articles. Two teachers win “Outstanding Teaching” award, three teachers are entitled as “Ten Best Teachers” and one has received the award of “Good Teacher in My Heart” which was voted by students. Besides that, four courses offered by the School are credited as Key Courses in the University.

Departments and Sections
The School of Humanities has Chinese language Department and six teaching groups for fundamental ideology, Laws, Modern and Contemporary History etc.
Undergraduate programmes:
Chinese Literature
This programme has four models, including Cultural Management, Chinese as foreign language, Literature and Modern Secretarial.
Main Courses:
Modern Chinese; Ancient Chinese; Chinese Ancient Literature; Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature; Foreign Literature; Fundamental Literature; Fundamental Linguistics; Aesthetics; Writing; Fundamental Culture; Chinese Foreign Cultural History; Logic; Management; Economics; Cultural Business and Market Management; Advanced Technique and Cultural Business; Basic Chinese Teaching as a Foreign Language; Foreign Chinese Research, Comparative Literature; Art Psychology; Secretary Theory and its Practice; Professional writing as a secretary;