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School of Foreign Languages

The School of Foreign Languages was founded in May, 2005, formerly named Foreign Languages Department. It comprises 5 departments, that is, English Department, College English Department, Language Center, Institute of Foreign Languages and Cultures and Centre of Foreign Languages Training. At present the school has a faculty of 76. The school boasts a strong faculty, 80% of whom are with master’s degrees, 20% with senior professional titles. Every year, many foreign teachers come to teach. Currently, there is one undergraduate programme in English.

This school has a current enrollment of about 400 students. The School is also responsible for the English courses for students from other schools.

This school has a group of efficient and vigorous teachers and educational managers. It takes “Internationalization and application-orientation” as its initial point to explore new teaching methods and improve management. The School values the real impact of the teaching and adopts positive measures to improve teaching quality, for instance, inviting famous experts and professors to give lectures, encouraging young teachers to further their study, organizing various competitions and teaching observation, selecting teachers to go abroad for short-term training. Up till now, 23 out of 70 teachers have been overseas for advanced study and academic training.

The school emphasizes greatly on the guidance of the students and has already explored and summarized a whole set of working methods, concepts and measures. Students in this school are known for their positive attitude, efficient study method and excellent academic performance. Also students have taken an active part in various kinds of provincial competitions and contests and achieved good results.

Departments and Majors

The English Department
The English Department was established in May, 2005, originally known as the English Teaching and Research Offices founded in 2002. The English Department cherishes a staff of 15 members. The proportion of the teachers who have got the senior title of professional post has reached 40 percent. The proportion of the middle title of professional post has reached 53 percent. There are 2 teachers who have got the Doctor’ degree. The proportion of masters has nearly accounted for 70 percent.
Basic English, Advanced English, English Writing, Society and Culture of English-Speaking Countries, British and American Literature, Theory and Practice of Translation, English Linguistics, Science and Technology English, Business English, English Interpreting.

College English Department
College English Department comprises 3 English Teaching and Research Offices. Two offices are responsible to teach English for the non-English Major students from other Schools and Adult School as well. The third office teaches students from the School of Arts and Design.

There are 49 teachers, among its faculty members, there are 6 associate professors, 22 lecturers; 12 teachers with Master Degree, 33 teachers are currently studying for a Master degree and there is 1 doctoral student.

Teachers of this department are keen to develop new teaching methods and cooperate with each other like brotherhood.

There is a team spirit of harmonious, hard-working and forward-looking in this department. One of them has won the Excellent Award in the competition of the Young College Teachers Teaching Performance in Zhejiang Province. Two teachers won the first and the second prize in the competition of Teaching Performance of “Key Date” in Zhejiang Province. Six teachers have been ranked in the “Top 10 Young College Teachers in Teaching Performance”.

Centre of Language Laboratory
Centre of Language Laboratory of the School of Foreign Languages comprises Organizational System Laboratory, which includes 6 sections, namely, Digital Language Laboratory, Computer Centre used for interaction teaching of the modern foreign languages, Special Digital Language Laboratory, Multimedia Network Classroom, Audio and Video Resources Editorial Office and Library. There are 18 Language Laboratories (15 Digital Language Laboratories and 3 Analog Phonetic Laboratories). There are 130 computers for interaction teaching of the modern foreign languages. There are 3 Special Digital Language Laboratories and 4 Multimedia Network Classrooms.

The Centre of Language Laboratory has employed 4 managers; one of them is a senior engineer. And among them there are two lab technicians and one assistant.