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School of Sciences

The School of Natural Science was founded in 2005, as a young school developed from the Basic Teaching Department. It is composed of Mathematic and Computational Science Department, Applied Physics Department and Lab Center as well as Material Physics and Chemistry. The School offers two undergraduate programmes, that is, information and computational science and applied physics, meanwhile the School undertakes the teaching of basic subjects for the whole university.

The School of Natural Sciences has a contingent of teachers and researchers with extensive research interests, profound knowledge, and well-knit scholarly work. The School has over 54 teachers, among them, 6 are professors, 17 are associate professors, 7 have Doctoral Degrees and 22 have Master’s Degrees as well as some promising in-service teachers pursuing doctoral and master degrees. Among them, two are conferred the honorable title of “Provincial Excellent Teacher”, one "Renowned Teacher of Provincial Level”, one is listed to the second level of “151 Foundation of Talents of Zhejiang Province”, two are listed to the third level of “151 Foundation of Talents of Zhejiang Province”. In addition, many famous professors either from domestic universities or abroad are invited as honorary professors of the School.
The school stresses the combination of theory and practice, highlighting applied knowledge, professional education and liberal education to fulfill the idea of education for all-round students from different aspects. In the past few years, students in the School have been awarded the first and third prizes in the Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling and the first, second and third prizes in Provincial Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling.

Departments and Programmes

1) Mathematic and information Department
Information and computational Science
Main Courses:
Mathematical Analysis, Higher Algebra, Analytic Geometry, Ordinary Differential Equation, Numerical and Computation method, Probability Theory, Statistics, Database, Mathematic Model, Operation and optimization, Database Theory, Introduction to Information, Management Information System, Software Engineering

2) Applied Physics department
Applied Physics
Main Courses:
Fundamental physics, Electronics, Theoretical Physics, Materials Structure and Property, Solid State Physics, Mechanical Drafting, Theory and Application of Single Chip Processor, Optoelectronics, Measurement Technology, Sensor Technology, Theory and Application of Optics.

Information and Computational Science Lab
College Physics Lab
Modern Physics Lab
Applied Physics Professional Lab

Aiming at highlighting the applied characteristic of our university, our school has accomplished various teaching and researching projects from provincial level to ZUST level ones. Among them, 3 projects are awarded the second prize of “Excellent Teaching Results in Zhejiang Province”, one course is entitled “Classic Course of Zhejiang Province”, and 8 courses are listed key supported courses by ZUST. In recent years, Faculty members in the school have been active in academic research, publishing approximately 200 academic papers and 20 books, conducting 80 research projects including 1 National Natural Science Foundation of China funded project and 2 Provincial Natural Science Foundation funded projects. Excellent teaching and research ensure a good foundation of developing all-round students.