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School of Economics and Management

The School of Economics and Management has three departments and a Experimental Center. It offers 5 undergraduate programmes, that is, Industrial Engineering, Information Management and Information System, Logistic Engineering, International Economy and Trade, and Marketing. The School has 63 faculty members including 3 professors, 11 associate professors, and 90% of the faculty with a doctorate or Master degrees. There are 1400 full-time undergraduate students. The School is also the Test Center for “Logistic Vocational Certificate” authorized by the Chinese Logistics & Purchase Association and National Logistics Standardizing Technical Commission.

Departments and Programmes

Managerial Science & Engineering Department
Industrial Engineering
Main Courses:
Elementary Industrial Engineering, Ergonomics, Logistic Engineering, Production Management, Engineering Charting; Elementary Mechanical Devices, Elementary Mechanic Production,System Engineering, Electrical & Electronic Techniques, Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, Quality Engineering, Modern Manufacturing Technique, Production Planning & Controlling.
Information Management & Information System
Main Courses:
Information Resource Management, Information Systems Analysis & Design, Data Structure & Databases, Internet, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Management, Marketing, Introduction to Electronic Business, Production & Operations Management, Customer Relationship Management, Software Tools; Web Programming, Object-Oriented Programming, Information Systems Security, Large -size Database Application System, Data Warehouse & Data Mining
Logistic Engineering
Main Courses:
Mechanical Principles & Design; Operations Research, Detection Technology; Engineering Economics, Systems Engineering, Customer Relationship Management, Marketing, Electronic & Electrical Technology, Standardization Project, Plan and Design of Logistics Systems, Warehouse Management & Technical Equipment, Transportation Engineering; Distribution Processing, Logistic Cost Analysis, Logistics Information Systems, International Logistics
Department of International Economy and Trade
International Trade
Main Courses:
Microeconomics; Macroeconomics, International Economics, Econometrics, Global Economic Outlook, International Trade Theory & Practice, International Finance, International Settlement, Accounting, Money & Banking; Statistics, Fiscal Science
Department of Business Administration
Main Courses
Microeconomics; Macroeconomics, Management; Management Information System, Accounting; Financial Management, Marketing, Economic law, Consumer Behavior, International Marketing, Enterprise Strategic Management, Production & Operations Management, Public Relation, Management Psychology; Statistics, Market Survey & Prediction

The Experimental Center, established in 2001, consists of the Management Engineering Laboratory and the Economic Management Laboratory. The former has sub-laboratories for industrial engineering, information management, modern logistics system & technology, and the latter has sub-laboratories for international trade and commercial management.

Scientific Research

(1)Scientific Research and publications
The School has completed 3 state projects, 23 provincial projects and 20 department-grade projects with an annual fund over 2 million yuan since 2004. There have been more than 30 cooperative projects with different enterprises. The School has published 98 theses in core journals, including 19 enlisted by ISIP/SCI/EIA, as well as 16 books of works, translation or textbooks. Faculty members in the School are active in attending various international and domestic conferences. Several teachers have been honored with first Prize by Zhejiang Provincial Social Science and the third Prize for Humanity and Social Science by the Ministry of Education.

(2)Research Institutes
Logistic Technological Development Center
Industrial Engineering Research Institute
Enterprise Developing Management Research Center