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School of Light Industry

The School of Light Industry has three undergraduate majors which include packaging engineering, printing engineering, and light chemistry engineering. The undergraduates enrolled every year in the above majors are respectively 120, 60 and 60.

The School has established cooperative relationships with universities and colleges from Germany, Japan, and other countries. It is a chairman unit of the Zhejiang Province Paper Making Association and membership of the Steering Committee of Packaging and Printing Majors of National Light Industry Systematic Vocational Teaching and Education. With the Zhejiang Light Industry School as its predecessor, the School has cultivated professionals for the Zhejiang provincial packaging, printing, and paper making fields in the past ten years. Many graduates have become well-known managers in the industry, and many have established their own corporations.

The School has close connection with the local packaging, printing, and paper making industry and has signed many long-term cooperative agreements with big local enterprises. Quite a few among these enterprises become off-campus practice bases for the School, meanwhile the School provides them with eligible professionals and technological support. For example, Zhejiang Cailun Paper Co., Ltd has set up an enterprise scholarship and provides schooling support for promising students in packaging engineering, printing engineering, and light chemistry engineering majors.

Three Departments
(1) Packaging Engineering Department:
Packaging engineering (including technology orientation and packaging design orientation)
Main courses
packaging and upholster design basic, packaging test technology, packaging structure design, packaging CAD, packaging mechanism and automatization, solid constitution
(2) Light Chemistry Engineering Department
Light chemistry engineering
Main courses
chemical industry principle, botanic fibre chemistry, plasm making principle and engineering, paper making principle and engineering, mechanism and equipment for plasm making and paper making
(3) Printing Engineering Department
Printing engineering
Main courses
printing chromatology, printing material and suitableness, word information process, image information process, printing principle and techniques, etc.

(1) Light industry technological experiment centre owns three subordinate central experiment rooms: light chemistry engineering central experiment room, printing engineering centre experiment room, and packaging engineering central experiment room.
(2) Light chemistry engineering central experiment room includes three major experiment rooms as follows: plasm making and paper making analyses experiment room, plasm making and paper making technics experiment room, and paper attribute inspecting experiment room.
(3) Printing engineering central experiment room includes three major rooms such as before-printing image information experiment room, printing ink testing experiment room and printing experiment room.
(4) Packaging engineering central experiment room includes four major experiment rooms like packaging design experiment room, packaging printing experiment room, packaging material and produce testing room, packaging material preparation and technics room.

Scientific Research
The Institute has been actively carrying out scientific research and making contribution to society. In recent years, it has taken charge of dozens of projects like the National Key Experiment Room Project, the Science and Technology Plan Project of the Education Ministry, the Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Key Project, the Zhejiang Provincial Natural Science Fund Key Project, and others. It has also published over 10 teaching materials and monographs, of which the materials belong to the “Eleventh Five-Year” Plan Teaching Materials of the Education Ministry, and the Zhejiang Provincial “Tenth Five-Year” Key Plan Teaching Materials. Furthermore, it has published more than 200 papers in distinguished academic periodicals at home and abroad, among which over 30 papers have been embodied by SCI and EI.

The Institute has established Disciplinarity Company (Study and Development Centre) Linan Zheke Decorative Paper Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd (Linan Decorative Paper Technology Study and Development Centre). Supported by disciplines like light chemistry engineering, printing engineering and packaging engineering, the company aims to develop the decorative paper industry with its main operations such as new products of original decorative paper and decorative paper, development and transfer of new technology, product quality inspection, packaging design, information consulting, etc. It has been equipped with strong science and technology force and owns a development team of 3 professors, 3 prof. senior engineer, 4 associate professors, 3 senior engineer, and several engineers and lecturers. Using three majors, 10 subordinate experiment rooms and 1 plasm making and paper making institution as its study and development base, it is equipped with systematic and complete professional instruments and equipments.