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School of Automation and Electric Engineering

The School of Automation and Electric Engineering (herein refer to School of AEE hereafter) originated from the former Department of Information and Electric Engineering, one of the earliest departments set up in the college.

School of AEE is the key unit of construction under the joint programs between Chinese and German governments. Experiencing years of successful international cooperation and accomplishments in facilities construction, the School laid a sound foundation for teaching and scientific research. It is now on the path of harmonious development. The rapid growth in educational dimensions at the school, together with its promotion in teaching quality and fruitful development of research work are witnessed in recent years. For instance, Theories of Cybernetics and Cybernetic Engineering of the school was taken as the key subject (B) of Zhejiang province in 2004. A well-structured teaching and research team with notable academic capabilities is coming into being.

At present, with the total staff number of 41, there are 5 professors, 12 associate professors, 15 lecturers and engineers in the School of AEE. Among them, 3 teachers received doctoral degree, 27 received master’s degree, and 8 teachers have experience studying in Germany.

Enhancing international exchanges, conducting international cooperation in teachings, developing globalization and application-oriented engineering personnel are the aims of the school as well as its features. Under the leadership of the college, the school opens “2+3” joint teaching program with Hannover University of Applied Science and Arts and Braunschweig/Wolfenbüttel, “4+2” program with Die Christian-Albrechts-Universit?t zu Kiel and the school also exchanges students with Hochschule fuer Technik und Wirtschaft Dresden and many other education institutions in Germany, allowing students of both sides to practice and design in the counterpart units.

Undergraduate programmes

Electric Engineering and Automation,
Measurement and Control Technology & Instruments.


There are more than 10 of laboratories in the school:
Laboratory of Circuit, Laboratory of Control Theory,
Laboratory of Process Control, Laboratory of DCS,
Laboratory of EDA, Laboratory of PLC,
Laboratory of Principle of Microcomputer, Laboratory of Computer Control,
Laboratory of Electric Control,
Laboratory of Power Electronics and Comprehensive
Laboratory of Automation
The Comprehensive Laboratory of Automation is the key Lab in Zhejiang province.

Scientific Research
With the development of research work, the Research Institute of Automation, the Institute of Electric Automation, the Research Center of Information and Automation Engineering, the Institute of Intelligence Apparatus, and the Institute of Electric Appliances are set up under the school. In the last 3 years, Around 180 research papers have been published, among them, 13 papers were collected by SCI, ISTP and EI. Up to 10 projects of province/ ministry level were undertaken. The number of research items commissioned by various enterprises is close to 50. Among which, 12 bore the palm, 4 received patents, 22 research results were put into use, producing economic profits more than 30 million Yuan.

Research Institutes
There are five research institutes in all: they are the Research Institute of Automation, the Institute of Electric Automation, the Research Center of Information and Automation Engineering, the Institute of Intelligence Apparatus and the Institute of Electric Appliances.