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School of Mechanical & Automotive Engineering

The School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering (SMAE) plays a key role in the process of implementing the cooperation project between the Chinese and the German governments. Through years of hardworking in academic construction and international cooperation projects, the school has developed rapidly and been equipped with advanced teaching facilities and research equipments.

There are 60 staff in the School, including 7 professors, 3 professorial senior engineers, 14 associate professors, 1 senior engineer, 3 senior experimentalists and 27 lecturers. Among them, 10 are doctors and 28 are masters. 11 teachers have been to Germany for further studies;4 are candidates of the Zhejiang provincial “151 Talents Development Project”. One has been the leader in the field and four have been given integral teaching positions at the school. It offers 3 undergraduate programmes in Machinery Manufacture Design and Automation, Material Shaping and Controlling Engineering, and Automotive Engineering.

Fostering international-minded and application-orientated engineering professionals is the primary goal of the School. Bearing this in mind, the School are very active in setting up linkages with overseas universities, and now has formally linked with the Dresden University of Technology and Economy, the Hannover University of Applied Science, the Kempten University of Applied Science,the Wolfenbuettel University of Applied Science and other universities in Germany. More than 50 students have been sent to the above mentioned universities for exchange or Degree programmes. Besides that, there are more patterns of international cooperation available in the School, such as “2+3” double degree programmes, “4+1.5” Master’s Degree programmes, internship, graduate design projects, etc.

The school attaches great importance to the overall development of students and particularly practical abilities. The last few years have witnessed big improvement in the student’s comprehensive abilities, which wins attention and acclaim from the society. The employment rate is ranked as the first among all the schools in the university.

Research institutes
the Institute of Modern Manufacturing Engineering
the Institute of Mechanical Design
the Institute of Automotive Engineering.
18 laboratories in the SMAE Project Experiment Center.