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Changsha University of Science and Technology (CSUST) Holds Graduation Ceremony for Students from Equatorial Guinea



On July 3, a graduation ceremony as well as degree-granting ceremony for students from Equatorial Guinea was held in the International Academic Exchange Center in Yuntang Campus of Changsha University of Science and Technology (CSUST). Mr. Juan Nko Mbula, Minister of the Ministry of Public Works and Infrastructure of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, Mr. Sinforiano Ela Aseko Abegue, First Secretary of its Chinese Embassy, Mr Yang Zan, Director of International Affairs of the Ministry of Transport,  Mr. Qiu Aihua, Deputy Director of Hunan Provincial Foreign Affairs Office, Ms. Wang Hongbing, Director of International Office of Hunan Provincial Education Department, Mr. Wen Gang, Chairman of China Road and Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd. CSUST Party Secretary Fu Hongyuan, Vice President Yang Weijun attended the ceremony.

Mr. Fu Hongyuan delivered the opening speech. He congratulated the students for their successful completion of their studies and thanked China Road and Bridge Corporation for their support in education of international students. He hoped that the eleven Equatorial Guinea students who were about to embark on a new journey of life could become the vanguard for the prosperity and development of their motherland and also they could become a bridge of friendship between the two peoples and contribute for the China-Africa friendly exchanges.

Mr. Wen Gang congratulated the graduates and expressed his hope that they could put what they learnt in CSUST to the future work and make due contributions for the national construction of Equatorial Guinea; meanwhile, he also expressed his deep gratitude and appreciation for the leaders and staff here in CSUST, adding that China Road and Bridge Corporation would continue to fulfill its corporate social responsibility to further strengthen cooperation with enterprises and to train more talents for the society.
Obama Jovino Mesia, on behalf of all the graduating students, took the floor and expressed in fluent Chinese his gratitude for CSUST and tirelessly nurturing of the teachers.

A congratulatory letter by Deputy Foreign Minister Zhang Ming was announced at the ceremony. Mr. Yang Zan delivered a speech. Both highly praised the university-enterprise training mode between China Road and Bridge Corporation and CSUST.

Mr. Juan Nko Mbula congratulated the successful graduation of the eleven students, thanked CSUST and China Road and Bridge Corporation, and hoped that all students could learn to be grateful to serve their motherland and act as friendly messengers in the exchanges between the two countries, as well as a bridge for the friendly exchanges between China and Africa.

At last, Mr Fu Hongyuan personally issued diplomas for the eleven graduating students one by one.