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Short-term Training Program (taught in English) Deadline Approaching


A variety of special and attractive courses on Chinese culture (10 periods per course) include:

(1) Chinese Food (including Chinese Cuisine): In this class, we give courses on the features and methods of making all kinds of Chinese dishes, and provide every student with a chance to make the dishes by himself/herself.

(2) Chinese Kungfu (Chinese traditional sport item. It contains series of actions and many single action to fit kick, strike, tumble, hold, fall, cleave…together in some certain rules.)

(3) Chinese Architecture (in this course, the students will be equipped with the elementary knowledge of Chinese Palace, Imperial Buildings, Dragon and Phoenix in ancient China, Pavilions, Terrace, Storeyed Building, Storeyed Pavilion and so on)

(4) Confucius (Confucius' influence in Chinese history can be compared with that of Socrates in the West. This course involves the following items:

1.confucius’ life

2. Confucius' Social Philosophy

3. Confucius' Political Philosophy

4. Confucius and Education

5. the the Ru School of Chinese thought,

(5) Lectures on Chinese folkway (Brief Introduction to Changsha, Chinese History, Women in China, Minorities in Hunan province, Marriage and the Family in China, and so on.)