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Social Practice Joined by Students of CSU and Yale University

On the morning of July 23, the departure ceremony of Social Practice of Xiangya-Yale Student Volunteers in Remote Areas sponsored by Yale-China Association was held in the second meeting room of Xiangya School of Medicine.

Vice Secretary Tao Lijian attended and addressed the meeting, pointing out that Yale University supports students to join social practice, communicating with people of different races in different countries, which exposes students to society of different cultures and languages at the background of globalization, and enhances their understanding of the real world. And this activity will inevitably enable Yale students to learn more about China and promote the friendship between the two parts. Vice Secretary Tao expressed his expectation that volunteers from Yale University and CSU will work together friendly, learn from each other, make every effort to spread knowledge and transmit civilization, and offer good service to grassroots at the same time, during which they could enrich their life, realize their personal value, and strengthen the friendship between China and America.

It is reported that the social practice will last from July 24 to August 3. Eight CSU students, all of whom are the winners of Yale-China Scholarship, together with eight Yale students, will participate in the construction of Baoyu Park and disseminate knowledge of environmental protection to the local people.