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  • Public Transportations to NENU
    Bus passes West Gate of NENU old campus

Bus No.



Railway Station-->Changjiang Road Developing District-->Shengli Park-->Xinfa Square--> Changchun Department Store-->Renmin Square-->Jiefang Road-->Huimin Road-->Guilin Road-->Ziyou Road(NENU) -->Gongnong Square-->Nanhu Xincun--> The Second Experimental Middle School of Jilin Province-->Nanhu Hospital-->No. 228 Factory


Railway Station(Northern Exit)-->Jiutai Road-->Beisitiao Street-->Tiebei Erlu-->East Square-->Guangfu Road-->Jilin Provincial Committee of CPPCC(Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference)-->Shanghai Road-->Road Five-->Road Three-->No. 2 Hospital of Jilin University-->Renmin Square-->Jiefang Road-->Guilin Road-->Ziyou Road(NENU)--> Changchun Zoo--> Stadium-->Yatai Street-->Nanling Street-->Dongling South Street


Railway Station-->West Square--> Shengli Park-->Baiju Road --> Jianshe Street --> Dehui Road--> West Chaoyang Road--> Jianshe Square--> Gongjiao Hospital--> Ou’ya Department Store--> Chinese Medicine College --> No.2 Residential Area--> No.90 Middle School --> Tongzhi Street--> Renmin Street(NENU)-->Stadium


Railway Station--> Shengli Park--> Shanghai Road-->Road Five -->Road Three-->Street Three-->Quan’an Square-->NO.8 Middle School-->Stadium(NENU) --> Changchun Zoo


Stadium--> NENU-->Tongzhi Street-->Xinmin Square-->Hongqi Street-->Kuanping Road-->Kuanping Bridge-->Film City-->National Exhibition Center-->Jingyang Road-->Xijiao Road-->Western Chaoyang Road-->Jianshe Street-->Xi’an RoadàChongqing Road-->Shanghai Road-->Shengli Park--> Railway Station-->East Square-->Palace of the Last Emperor-->East Bridge-->Changchun Street-->Nan Guan-->Dongsheng Street-->Ziyou Road-->Northern Market-->Linhe Street-->Dongling Street-->Stadium


Gongjiang Hospital-->Hongqi Street-->Xinmin Square-->Tongzhi Street-->NENU-->
Changchun Zoo-->Stadium-->Pingyang Market-->
Nan Guan-->Tobacco Factory-->Labor Park


Railway Station-->Changjianglu Developing Region-->Shengli Park-->Xinfa Square-->Renmin Square-->Jiefang Road-->Huimin Road-->Guilin Road-->Ziyou Road(NENU) -->Gongnong Square-->Baoyang Spot-->Nong Yan-->
Weixing Square-->Changchun University

Railway Station--> NENU Jingyue Campus



Sun City-->Railway Station-->Renmin Square-->Guilin Road--> Changchun Zoo(NENU)-->Nanling Street-->Weixing Road-->Linhe Street-->Xiantai Street-->Changchun International Exhibition Center-->Century Square-->NENU (Jingyue Campus)-->Jingyue Lake Tourism Developing Region