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What types of students are studying in China?
1. It depends on the duration of study.
Students that study for 3 months or less are referred to as short term students, while those that study for more than 3 months are long term students.
2. It also depends on the types of study, which are
(1) Language students
(2) General advance students
(3) Senior advance students
(4) Research scholars
(5) Undergraduates (Bachelors)
(6) Masters
(7) Doctoral students
3. There are also different types of financial support.
(1) Self-supporting students
(2) Scholarship students
What are the differences between visa types?
F visas are usually valid for a period of 3-6 months.
X visas are usually obtained for Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctoral studies. Holders of X visas are required to apply for a residence permit within 30 days after entry.
Students who have a residence permit may leave and re-enter China an unlimited number of times until the expiration date of their residence permits.
Where can I do my physical examination in Changchun?
International Travel Health Care Center. No. 1301, Haoyue Street, Luyuan District.
Tel: +86—431—87607516
Where can I apply for a residence permit?
Administration Department of Entry--Exit, No.688 Guangming Road,Chaoyang District.
Tel: +86—431—88908471