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2021 Intl Student Chinese Language and Culture Program of JLU

The School of International Chinese Language Education of Jilin University is responsible for the implementation of the Chinese and Chinese Culture Program for international students. International students have been enrolled in the spring semester (generally in early March) and the fall semester (generally in early September) every year.

Aiming at helping international students with their Chinese proficiency and academic capability and cultivating their comprehensive quality, this program is designed by a team of excellent teachers from School of International Chinese Language Education, JLU, covering courses ranging from language skills to linguistic and cultural knowledge. Affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, online class was conducted in spring and fall semester of 2020 academic year. The primary and intermediate courses have been successfully set up. 

School of International Chinese Language Education, JLU specializes in training and teaching international students of Chinese proficiency. The school now have 31 teachers, including 4 professors and 10 associate professors.

1.Admission Requirements
Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens, aged 18-60, in good health, with the equivalent educational background of a Chinese high school diploma.

2.Application Time
From now to January 31st, 2021.

3.Registration/Study Time
Registration Time: March 9th-10th, 2021
Spring Semester Duration: March 15th-July 9th, 2021

4.Fee and Other Expenses

5.Teaching Method
Chinese Language students are divided into different classes according to the scores of Chinese proficiency test. Each semester is generally 16 weeks, with 20 Chinese class hours per week. According to the actual situation, take online or offline courses. There are many other optional courses, students can choose physical education courses or public Chinese courses according to their interests.

6.Curriculum Arrangement

I. Compulsory Courses (Online/Offline):

II. Optional Courses (Only for Offline):

(1) Physical Education Courses:
★Martial Arts      ★Yoga      ★Tai Chi       ★Rugby

(2) Public Chinese Courses:
★Chinese Language and Chinese Culture
Note: The specific course arrangement will be announced after the opening of the optional courses of each semester. Only one physical education course can be selected. Physical Education Courses and  Public Chinese Courses can be selected at the same time.