International Students Attended Modern Dance Master Course Physical Energy

After a four-day duration from April 24th to 27th 2017, the modern dance master course named Physical Energy successfully came to the end in room 401, HUST Art Education Center. This master course was taught by Dr. Willy TSAO Sing Yuen, the father of China’s modern dance. 20 international students together with some Chinese students participated in this course.

In the four-day course, Dr. Willy TSAO firstly explained the basic meaning of modern dance, which focuses on how to express human’s inside feelings and emphasize on reflecting on the society. In order to guide students to have a better understanding of scientific use of body language, Dr. Willy TSAO emphasized on the use of ‘Dantian’, which can help dancers breathe more smoothly and maximize the strength of muscles. Afterwards, Dr. Willy TSAO started to lead international students to practice some basic dancing movements, such as running and jumping, and all students devoted themselves into the course with great enthusiasm.

Willy TSAO, respected as "Modern Dance Father of China", has been an influential figure as choreographer, educator, curator, manager and director in China’s modern dance development. Born and educated in Hong Kong, TSAO received his modern dance training in US and his MBA degree from the University of Hong Kong. He was named an Honorary Fellow in 2000 and received an Honorary Doctorate in 2015 from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Long-period dancing and performing experience enable Dr. Willy TSAO with the ability to master the core in dance and know how to teach others. International students were attracted by Dr. Willy TSAO’s vivid illustration and graceful dancing movements, and put 100% devotion into this course. TOMAS SIMAO SANTIAGO, an international student from Brazil, said that he had gained a lot of knowledge from this master course, and were attracted by the beauty of modern dance through gestures and postures. Besides that, he also made many Chinese friends and gained friendship.
On April 27th evening, Dr. Willy TSAO invited his dancing team, BeijingDance/LDTX, and performed their classic and represented work Cold Arrow in HUST Yunyuan Stadium. Over 100 international students watched the show. The stadium was full of audiences, and filled with applause and cheers during the whole performance. International students all praised that this was a great and inspirational performance.