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This year will be a court aquired treatment of children congenital heart disease

Reporters from hebei medical university hospital first aid office that congenital heart disease: in 2012 the hospital treatment will be 1000 children congenital heart disease. From now on the first aid patients to begin to sign up, congenital heart disease aid application hotline: 0311-85917120, 85917197; Public assistance mailboxIt is reported, since 2004, hebei medical university first hospital has successfully treated nearly seven thousand children congenital heart disease, by the provincial women's federation to start with the love census car trip congenital heart disease accumulative total of 200000 kilometers, has deep into the 149 wing, for more than 120000 children in the free heart examination, finds out to children with congenital heart disease more than 8000. The hospital for treatment of congenital heart disease was the special contribution, a series of "care for children in hebei province award" and "hebei children's charity award", and won the "touched hebei" the only group prize honor.

To carry out the provincial department of rural children the spirit of a serious illness relief, expand the scope of the treatment of congenital heart disease in 2012, the hospital also increased in the treatment of congenital heart disease in work dynamics, and all levels of charity in active cooperation for treatment of many funds at the same time, the hospital to strengthen the intervention and the power of the surgical treatment, and purchase new first-class equipment and congenital heart disease census treatment car, thereby, make the treatment of congenital heart disease in comprehensive strength not only the lead, but also enter the ranks of the national first-class.