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2018 HUST New Year Gala for Chinese and Int'l Students Held

In the evening of December 28,2017, 2018 HUST New Year Gala for Chinese and International Students was held in the lecture hall of the School of Management. More than 500 international students from around 100 countries gathered to celebrate the New Year. Prof. Zhan Yiqing, the vice president of HUST, addressed the gala.

The gala was divided into three chapters: “OUTLOOK: BRAVE NEW WORLD””EXPLORE: SPLENDID ETHNIC TOUR” and “TREATURE: LIFELONG BONDS OF HUSTers”. Lightened up with the passionate performance of the Chinese student band, the gala was followed with a spectacular solo dance by an international student from Zambia. Traditional dances performed by students from Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Poland, Nepal, Vietnam, Pakistan, Cambodia and Mongolia as well as modern dances performed by Korean and Bahamian students made the audience immersed in the international style shows.

Besides the international style performances, a piece of Chinese folk music ensemble performed by traditional Chinese musical instruments entranced the audience. Finally, the gala came to an end withDespacito sung by Chinese and international students.

2018 HUST New Year Gala for Chinese and International Students was sponsored by the School of International Education, HUST and organized by Students International Communication Association (SICA). 50 representatives from 25 divisions and schools as well as 10 companies were invited to attend the gala. It is reported that 4049 international students from 155 countries studied at HUST in the year of 2017. The New Year Gala not only provided international students with a stage to demonstrate themselves and their own culture, but also promoted exchanges between Chinese and international students and therefore enhanced the international atmosphere of HUST.