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HUST Awarding Ceremony for Outstanding Int'l Students Held

On 30 March, Huazhong University of Science and Technology 2016-2017 Outstanding International Students Awarding Ceremony was held in the conference center of the International Academic Communication Center. The ceremony was hosted by Ms.Zhao Xiaofeng, vice dean of the School of International Education.

Mr. Liu Junhua read out the Decision Paper from the Department of International Cooperation and Communication, Ministry of Education and HUST respectively,announcing the name list of the National and University outstanding international students, among which 6 students were awarded nationally, 47 undergraduates and 44 postgraduates were awarded in the university level respectively.

Mr. Liu Junhua announced the name list of outstanding international students


Vice-president,Prof. Chen Jianguo delivered a speech. He emphasized that HUST attached great importance to the cultivation of high-quality international students and would continue providing the first-class scientific research resources to them.

FATHIMA JEROSHA IFTHIKAR AHMED, a PhD student from Sri Lanka who studies in the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, delivered a speech as the student representative of all the awarded winners, narrating the stories of her studying experiences and success in HUST. She published 9 SCI papers during her PhD in HUST, which is an extraordinary achievement.


FATHIMA JEROSHA IFTHIKAR AHMED delivered a speech as the student representative of all the awarded winners

At the end of the meeting, Ms. Hu Yanhua,director of the Publicity Office of CPC HUST Committee, Mr. Yi Yuanxiang,director of the Office of Student Affairs, Prof. Liao Xiaofei, director of the Office of International Exchange Center, Mr. Liu Junhua, Dean of the School of International Education, Ms. Zhou Hui, Vice-director of the Office of Undergraduate Education as well as Ms. Chen Ruihong, Vice-director of the Graduate School gave awards to all of the international students winners.

In year of 2017, there were more than 4,000 international students from 155 countries around the world came to HUST to study. The overall quality of international education has been improved steadily. 


The winners received certificates of outstanding international students