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Int'l Students Visit Forest Garden

As the old saying goes, “Spring is the best season in a year, morning is the best time in a day.” Chinese language students took good advantage of the beautiful season and had a spring outing last weekend.

On the morning of Mar.21, international students of Huazhong University of Science and Technology from Class D1 and D2 met at the gate of Forest Garden with bags of snacks and a nice mood. Surrounded by green trees and fragrant flowers, students started their “Barbecue Competition” excitedly in the Forest Garden. SINEM OGUZ , a girl from Turkey was the first to master the barbecue skills so that she got a nickname called “Barbecue Shifu” (Teacher or Master); KRASIMIR YORDANOV, a Bulgarian boy was also very skillful in making toast and his toast was very popular among friends. During the cooking time, Thai student PATTANARAT CHAWANTANPIPAT invited his classmates to play badminton and DE QUEIROZ BRUM DYEGO, a Brazilian boy was so happy that started to dance Samba.

KIM SOOHYEON is a Korean student who has just come China for one month, he expressed his excitement, “It’s so interesting to have an outdoor activity with classmates. I hope we would have more chances to attend it.”