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2015 New Year Address: Deepen Reform and Pursue Extraordinariness

Today we would like to extend our festive greetings and best wishes to all the students, faculty, home and abroad alumni and friends from all circles of the society. Wish you all the best in your work, academic pursuits and life in the coming new year!

Every moment of ringing out the old year and ringing in the new is accompanied by floods of memory and expectations.Reviewing back displays  a harvest 2014 to us.
 In 2014,we stuck tightly to the three basic elements of college development, student, scholar and learning by defining that student is the basis for establishing a university, scholar the essence and learning the soul. We restructured the training plan of undergraduate, strengthened the construction of major core courses in order to improve the talent-training quality. The first undergraduate teaching evaluation conducted in HUST helped us realize our strengths and weaknesses, pinpointing our direction to further efforts. The first” ChuangQingchun” --National University Student Entrepreneur Competition-- was held in HUST where HUSTers won the 5 gold prizes for championship. 2014 has witnessed more and more HUSTers achieving outstanding results in a serious of domestic and international competitions.
 In 2014 six HUST scholars were promoted by MoE  as new Changjiang Scholars , 19 newly introduced overseas young scholars were selected as candidates for ” Young Overseas High-level Talents Introduction Plan”; 3 Innovative Research Groups gained rolling support from MoE and another 3 passed the examination and acceptance. Meanwhile, the East Lake Forum held by HUST exhibited greater international influence, attracting the participation of 700 overseas excellent young scholars.
In 2014 the research has achieved fruitful results. Wuhan National High Magnetic Field Center passed the acceptance-check. 16 papers were published in Nature, Science, Cell with HUST scholars as the first author.  Tongji Hospital took the lead in being approved of “the National Clinic Medical Research Center of Gynecology Diseases”.
In 2014, we continued to improve our campus in the hope of creating a better environment for faculty and students.  Key infrastructure construction projects such as library expansion, the apartment for doctoral candidates, Dayu technology building, Dongyi student canteen were completed. Student dormitories were installed with air-conditioners.
In 2014, we delved into the regional innovative system and deepened the industry-university research cooperation. Two patents were successfully listed in trading  and HUST Research Institute of State Governance, the first university institute with research focus on state governance, was inaugurated.
Reviewing the past always inspires us. We are proud of the achievements we made in 2014. Here we would like to pay tribute to all the students and faculty for their hard-working and concerted efforts in the building of HUST into a top-level university.

Looking forward to 2015, we have more dreams waiting to be fulfilled.  On the first day of the New Year, let’s greet each other, encourage each other and join hands to set sails together!