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The Huazhong University of Science and Technology 2014 Commencement Ceremony Held

On June 23 and 24, 2014 Commencement Ceremony of  Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) was held in Tongji Medical College and the main campus of HUST respectively.

In the morning of June 23, the 2014 commencement ceremony for medical students was held at the Students’ Auditorium of Tongji Medical College. Ding Lieyun, the president of HUST, attended the ceremony.

Ding in his speech recalled the good days in university with all the medical students and savored their shared memories of campus culture. He expected the students to: stick to their dreams, practice medical ethics, and study medical skills; fulfill their duties, dare to take on heavy responsibilities, and strive for excellence; never stop learning, and learn to achieve win-win situations.

Zhang Junchao, the winner of Qiu Fazu Scholarship, expressed her gratitude to her Alma Mater on behalf of all the graduates. Later all the graduates, clenching their right fists, went over the medical students’ oath of Health Related and Life Entrusted once again.

The university leaders awarded diplomas to graduates in different academic dresses, shifted the tassels of their trencher caps and took photos with them.

In the morning of June 24, the 2014 commencement ceremony for undergraduates was held in Optical Valley Gymnasium of the main campus of HUST. Lu Gang the Chairman of the University Board and Ding Lieyun the President of HUST attended.

Zhang Zheye, the valedictorian, is one of the first Changjiang Students of Hubei province and as well the excellent graduate of School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. In his speech, he recalled his memories of his campus life and expressed his gratitude to his Alma Mater on behalf of all the graduates. Liu Feng, the father of Liu Shuai who is the excellent graduate of School of Public Administration, sent his words to all the graduates and hoped that they would never forget their teachers, their classmates, their Alma Mater, and never forget to strive for a better life.

President Ding Lieyun delivered a speech titled Spirit of HUST Travels with You, and mentioned that students of HUST should “learn to handle affairs as well as conduct themselves”, “be a man of indomitable and capable”, “dare to compete and adept in transforming” and “dare to be the first and never decline to shoulder a responsibility”. He also exhorted the students to stick to their dreams, to create wonderful lives, and to go on their life journey in the company of the spirit of HUST.

The commencement ceremony ended with a chorus of Ode to the Motherland.

In the afternoon of June 24, the 2014 commencement ceremony for post-graduates was held in Optical Valley Gymnasium. Ding Lieyun attended the event and Shao Xinyu, the executive vice president, presided over this ceremony.

Liu Lin, the valedictorian, is a PhD graduate of School of Optical and Electronic Information in 2014. He expressed his gratitude for the wonderful learning environment provided by his Alma Mater, the cultivation of his supervisor and the help from his classmates. He also promised that he would carry forward and keep the spirit of HUST in the future and wished that all the graduates could write new chapters at their own posts.

President Ding Lieyun delivered a lecture and urged the graduates to take on social responsibilities, strive for excellence and be a man of indomitable spirit; work in a down-to-earth way, give part of themselves away and be a man as a cornerstone; admire the behavior of a worthy man, seeking for good and be a man of virtue. He also hoped that they could go wherever the motherland needed them most, pursuit the heights of science, overcome technical difficulties, promote social progress, seek for the well-being of the people.

The commencement ceremony was followed by the degree-awarding ceremony for masters and doctors. Leaders of HUST and of each school awarded diplomas and shifted the tassels of the trencher caps for them.