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Student Service and Facilities

Student Service and Facilities

Pick-up Service

For new students and graduates, the university will arrange free pick-up and see-off service at the local airport or railway station.

Banks and Exchange of RMB

There are branch offices of the Industrial and Commercial Bank, the Agricultural Bank, the Merchants' Bank, the Construction Bank and the Bank of China on the main Campus. On the Yunyuan, there are also branch offices of the Credit Cooperating Bank of China and the Industrial and Commercial Bank. At present using the pass cards of the Industrial and Commercial Bank and the Agricultural Bank can pay the tuition fees and generally the granting of scholarships are being handled in the branch offices of the Industrial and Commercial Bank and the Agricultural Bank, so you can transact pass books in them. Besides, the post office can also deal with postal deposit.

Travelers' check, VISA card, and US dollars can be deposited and drawn and exchanged for RMB at the Bank of China branch on campus, which is about 5 minutes' walk from the International Students Apartments Building.


Both on the main campus and the Yuyuan there are hospitals, which are not very large but can fulfill the students' need basically. The university hospital can be your first choice if having small operation or being hospitalized; you can also go to the army's general hospital not far form the university to see a doctor or accept medical treatments if there is serious illness.

In the Tongji Medical College, there are three affiliated hospitals: Tongji Hospital, Union Hospital and Liyuan Hospital, among which the Tongji Hospital and Union Hospital are the best ones in the south central China.

Post Offices

Both beside the branch office of the Industrial and Commercial Bank on the Main Campus and beside the gate of the Yunyuan parks a post office, in which you can receive remittances, home or abroad correspondences and packages. You must show your ID card, both when receiving remittances and packages, and the new students can instead use the student cards if without issued with ID cards but have to go to the department to issue certificates.


At present all our dormitories are fixed with 201 telephones, and each 50to 100 meters on campus stand telephone booth, all of which are 201 or IC card telephones. And the telephone cards can be bought from the post offices and the supermarkets.


Each year before the winter and summer holidays you can book the train tickets at the Ticket-booking Center facing the No.8 Building of the Reception Service of the University Logistics Group, where you can get a half price as in the train station.

Student Canteens

There are 10 student canteens in total. East 1, Donghua, East 3 and East 4 are in the east of the campus, and West1, West2, Xihua, West3, West4 canteens and Baihui Garden Restaurant are in the west. The tablewares in the canteens are all strictly sterilized and can be used reliably.


There are several supermarkets for students in the East District, the South District and the West District of the University. The supermarkets offer a complete list of goods with the common stationeries and daily necessities available.

The Yunyuan has a sports center, which is a complex of a standard basketball court, four standard badminton courts and several table tennis sites.

The Stadium on the main campus is divided into two smaller parts: one for ball games and the other for gymnasium.

There are over 20 basketball courts in the east district of the main campus and over 30 ones in the west district. Beside the basketball courts in the west and east districts are several volleyball courts respectively. On the east campus there is a ground track field and 20 basketball courts.

There are tennis courts in both east and west districts of the main campus, the one in the west district being broader and better facilitated. On the east campus there is also a tennis court with good facilities.
The natatorium locates a little far from the main campus, by the side of the East Lake.


In the West No 3 Club, the stadium in the west district, the Entertainment Center for Senior Citizens, the Entertainment Center for the Staff, there are parties held each Friday-Sunday evening. The East No.4 Club has movies played, and on the 2nd floor of the old library there are videos of many classic foreign movies in the Video Room. The Entertainment Center for University Students in the east campus has a ballroom and a video hall, which are open on weekends and serves cold drinks, coffee, and pastry. The Center is of good atmosphere and gives an attractive sentiment.