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New Year’s Congratulatory Message for 2012: Achieve Three Major Transformations, Build the First-Class University

As the 90th anniversary of the Communist Party of China, the year 2011 is also the beginning of Twelfth Five-Year. In 2011, Chinese President Hu Jintao inspected HUST, which greatly inspired all teachers and students to work hard together and build HUST into a first-class university. During the past year, HUST established a medium and long term development plan and put forward its future goal of achieving three major transformations and building the first-class university.

HUST insisted on the transformation from "large-scale development" to "quality improvement". To meet the national strategic needs, HUST positively performed independent technology innovation. In 2011, the world famous science journal Nature Genetics issued HUST’s research results.  HUST became the Chinese leading unit in advanced coal technology consortium of China-U.S. Clean Energy Research Center. National High Magnetic Field Center of HUST acquired a high magnetic intensity of 83 Tesla which ranked the first in Asia and the third in the world. Besides,  as the biggest oxygen enriched combustion carbon capture test system in China, 3 Megawatts Test Base of Carbon Capture was put into operation.