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Chinese president Hu Jintao inspects WNLO

Chinese president Hu Jintao inspects WNLO during his inspection tour to Central China's Hubei province. He was briefed on the scientific achievements WNLO had made and encouraged scientific researchers to make more original technological breakthroughs.


HUST president Li Peigen briefed President Hu on the University's progress including the University's meeting the national major strategic demands, the University's actively taking part in regional social and economic development for independent innovation and social services, and WNLO's research fields, talents pool progress, especially the success made by gearing to emerging industry through technology transfer.


President Hu also visited the research center for information photoelectron, energy photoelectron and laser science and technology and the Research Center for Biomedical Photonics.


President Hu emphasized talents are the priority of scientific innovation.  WNLO can gather and foster more talents in a  bid to create more innovative research results and make contribution to national optoeclectronic development.

After the inspection, President Hu also met with academicians, scholars and students.