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Department of Forensic Medicine

Department of Forensic Medicine of Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology was founded in 1985, and Professor Huang Guangzhao was the first director of the department. The undergraduate students were recruited from 1985. Moreover, the department started to receive the Master and Doctor degree candidates in 1979 and 1991 respectively. The department of Forensic Medicine is the medical examiners’ on-the-job training base for Supreme People’s Court. From 1985, the on-the-job training courses have been hold for the National Public Security Bureau, Procuratorate and People’s Court at all levels each year. 15 doctoral students, 48 master students, 328 undergraduates, 50 in-service postgraduates and 906 advanced students have already been tutored in the department. At present, there are 329 students in all from different departments of the college. The situation of employment was favorable in recent years. Therefore, the enrollment of this major has been expanding year by year, and there are 60 undergraduates at school at present.

The department of Forensic Medicine has been responsible for more than 20 projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Education and by Hubei Province. 12 teachers participated in compiling the national textbook of forensic medicine, 2 of them are editor-in-chief and 2 are vice-editor-in-chief for the works. In Sept.2001, “Tongji Center for Medicolegal Expertise in Hubei” was officially approved by Hubei Province Judiciary Department . The center is appointed by Hubei Province, Wuhan City Judicatory Evaluation Committee and Board of Health as the authentication institution which is in charge of the medical tangle and disability evaluation in traffic accident. Forensic Medicine Department accepts all cases of autopsy, parentage analysis, living body injury, jurisdictional identification of mental diseases and toxicological analysis from inside or outside Hubei Province. The department involves civil dispute, criminal cases, traffic accidents and settlement of insurance claim, etc.

In the department, there are an office for department affairs and several functional branches including Forensic Pathology, Forensic Biology, Forensic Toxicological Analysis, Clinical Forensic Medicine and Forensic Psychiatry. There are 26 faculty and staff, including 4 professors and 6 associate professors, of which 4 are PhD degree supervisor and 9 are Master degree supervisors. Prof. Liu Liang, director of the department, doctoral supervisor, focuses on forensic pathology and forensic toxicology. Prof. Huang Daixin, associate professor, focuses on forensic molecular genetics.

Dean: Prof Liu Liang
Vice Dean: Prof Huang Daixin