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Department of Electronic Science and Technology

The Department of Electronic Science and Technology (EST) provides undergraduate program in Electronic Science and Technology and graduate program in Microelectronic and Solid State Electronic, Materials Chemistry and Physics as well as Design and Techniques of Semi-conductor Chips. A comprehensive system covering education of undergraduate and graduate students has been established.

The research field of EST covers the detection, storage, procession, transportation and display of the information in electrons and photons. Featuring in balance between science and engineering, EST focuses on a solid foundation as well as training cross-disciplinary talents. The Department endeavors to continuously introduce new theories and technology into teaching. Students can acquire the fundamental theories and methods of this discipline, meanwhile they can have hands-on experience and applicable capabilities in the fields of computer aided design and testing for advanced electronic materials, photonic materials and devices, microelectronics devices, photonic devices, large-scale integrated circuits and systems, optoelectronics devices and integrated optics, and digital information systems.

The Department has 72 faculty and staff, including 17 professors (12 of whom are doctoral supervisors) and 23 associate professors. The student body covers 6 post-doctoral candidates, 76 doctoral students, 334 graduate students and 1,234 undergraduates.

The Department has established extensive cooperative relations with world renowned universities and institutions through scientific cooperation, information exchange, mutual visits and admission of international students. EST has become an academic team with high qualified faculty and cross-discipline knowledge background.

High level scientific research is indispensable to qualified talents training. EST has made remarkable achievements in scientific research. 35 achievements have won national and provincial awards, many of the achievements have been promoted to the society, making great contribution to social development and economic growth.

Joint Laboratory is a main way gathering resources from enterprises, government to enhance the research facilities in EST and to serve back the communities. Currently, we got some joint laboratories listed below.

● Key Engineering Research Centre for Functional Electronic Ceramics Materials, Ministry of Education and HGTech.
● State Key Engineering Research Centre for Bio-Chips, Ministry of Science and Technology, Tsinghua University, HUST and etc.
● Joint EDA Laboratory, Beijing Huada IC Design Centre, HUST.
● Joint Research Institute for Crystal Oscillator, Shishou Crystal Company, HUST
● Joint Research Institute for Magnetic Materials and Devices, Jiangmen Magnetic Materials Company, HUST
●Joint Research Institute for Power Semiconductor Devices, Xiangfan Instrumentation Components Company, HUST. We are planning to continue the roadmap in next phase.
● Key Engineering Research Centre for Integrated Circuits Design (ERCiCD), Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology, China Optics Valley, Central China Software Park and HUST.
●Joint Research Centre for eDRAM CMOS Technology, presumably Central China Microelectronics Company (CCMC)

Dean: Prof Zou Xuecheng
Vice Dean: Prof Lv WenZhong
                     Prof Jiang Jianjun
                     Prof Yang Xiaofei