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School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

The School of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering (SCCE), Huazhong University of Science and Technology, was reorganized in 2008, based on the former Department of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering. The SCCE now has 108 faculty members including 26 professors and 24 associate professors, of whom, 1 is academician (part-time) and 22 are Ph.D. supervisors. It offers 2 Bachelor's degree programs, 10 Master's degree programs, and 3 Doctor's degree programs.

The SCCE now has 154 master candidates, 69 doctoral candidates, 4 post-doctoral candidates, and more than 1000 undergraduates including 200 clinical medicine students from Tongji Medical College and 180 clinical medicine students from Chongqing Medical University.

The SCCE consists of 2 departments i.e. applied chemistry and chemical engineering, an experimental teaching center, and 6 research institutes (inorganic chemistry and chemical biology, organic chemistry and fine chemicals, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry and industrial catalysis, polymer science and technology as well as materials and environmental chemistry). It has 9 laboratories, including 2 Hubei provincial key laboratories i.e. Hubei Key Laboratory for Materials Chemistry & Service Failure, Hubei Key Laboratory for Bioinorganic Chemistry & Materia Medica, 2 national engineering research centers (co-construction) i.e. Engineering Research Center for Anti-fake Technology, Engineering Research Center for Nano-drugs, and 5 laboratories set up jointly with industries.

In the SCCE, the studies have been financially supported by NSFC, national “973” and “863” projects, and industries. It acquired about 10 million yuan (about$1.47million) per year in research funds, and published nearly 300 papers each year (including more than 100 papers quoted by SCI). Furthermore, it also has established long-term collaborations with universities and industries in Japan, the US, Australia, Poland, France, Singapore and other countries.

The SCCE offers a variety of programs for students at various levels as follows:
>>Bachelor's degree programs:
Applied chemistry, chemical engineering and technology.
>>Master's degree programs:
Inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, polymer chemistry, applied chemistry, chemical technology, industrial catalysis, biochemical engineering, chemical engineering.
>>Doctor's degree programs:
Inorganic chemistry, polymer chemistry and physics, materials physics and chemistry.

Dean: Prof Guo Xingpeng  
Vice Dean: Prof Nie Jin   
                     Prof. Xie Xiaolin   
                     Prof. Sun Yaliang