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Academy of Chinese Learning

Founded on 23 December 2008, the Academy of Chinese Learning integrated Chinese Ancient History, History of Chinese Language, Chinese Philology and Chinese Philosophy from the disciplines of Liberal arts, History and Philosophy. The integration of resources in Chinese Learning aims to take the advantage of the discipline strength and make contribution to the University’s long-term development and academic prosperity.

The Academy of Chinese Learning consists of four research Centres including the Research Centre of Ancient Chinese History, the Research Centre of History of Chinese Language, the Research Centre of Chinese Philosophy and the Research Centre of Chinese Philology.

The Academy is blessed with academic strength. Prof. Luo Jiaxiang acts as the first dean of the Academy, advisors of the Academy include renowned scholars such as Prof. Yang Shuzi, Prof. Zhang Qizhi, Prof.Xu Jialu, Prof. Zhu Lei, Prof. Feng Tianyu, Prof. Xiong Tieji, Prof. Xing Fuyi, Prof. Zong Fubang, Prof. Ge Jianxiong, Prof. Zhang Yongchuan, Prof. Tu Youguang and Prof. Liu Xianjun. The Academic Committee is composed of Prof. Yuchi Zhiping, Prof. Luo Jiaxiang, Prof. Cheng Bangxiong, Prof. Liu Zhenlun, Prof. Li Yaonan, Prof. Huang Shuxian, Prof. Lei Jiahong and Prof. Li Chuanyin.

The founding of HUST Academy of Chinese Learning is another pageant after the establishment of the Academy of Chinese Learning of Peking University, Xiamen University and Renmin University of China. HUST Academy of Chinese Learning will enhance humanistic education, and have great impact on the discipline development and talents training of the University.

Huazhong University of Science and Technology will take the opportunity of the Academy’s establishment to assimilate the essence of Chinese learning and promote traditional Chinese culture, with the aim to build HUST into a vital base for the dissemination and promotion of traditional Chinese culture and an important window to demonstrate Chinese culture heritage.

Dean: Prof Luo Jiaxiang
Vice Dean: Prof Cheng Bangxiong
                     Prof Huang Shuxian
                     Prof Liu Zhenlun
                     Prof Lei Jiahong
                     Prof Li Chuanyin