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The Secretary-General of Federation of Chinese Physicians and Acupuncturists Association of Malaysia visited GuangXi TCM University

NG PO KOK, the secretary-general of Federation of Chinese Physicians and Acupuncturists Association of Malaysia, paid a visit to Guangxi TCM University with his trustees, and was welcomed with cordial hospitality by the University President Wang Nai Ping.
NG PO KOK revealed that the federation and the Guangxi TCM University has come to an agreement and signed the letter of intention for cooperation. The federation will follow the agreement and push ahead the development of the TCM education under mutual cooperation.
He also indicated that the Guangxi TCM University of China has agreed to send their senior TCM professors to Malaysia to give lessons, and jointly start TCM academic degree courses, TCM post graduate courses, and other academic cooperation.
“The Federation will pay visits to many famous Chinese TCM Universities in succession, discuss the mutual cooperation plans that pushing forward our country’s TCM education development.”
Attendants were: Vice General Secretary of the Federation He Yao Zong, Assistant Secretary Li Xiu Ting, committee member Sun An Xing, and Dean of the Classical Basic TCM institute College of Guangxi TCM University, Professor Liu Li Hong.