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University Scholarship of GNU Opening

A“Proposed Regulations for Granting Scholarship to International Students by Guangxi Normal University” has been formulated to encourage international students studying at Guangxi Normal University to aim high in studies, to observe law and discipline, to learn more about China, and to contribute themselves to maintaining good friendship with peoples from various countries.

1. Who to be granted scholarship
  The "Proposed Regulations" holds good for international students who are studying at the university for over one year and those undertaking a graduate program.

2. Allotment of scholarship
  The"Proposed Regulations"shall be implemented in light of the integrated evaluation on the performance of international students in their studies to award those with academic excellence. The scholarship is divided into 3 grades: First Award 4 students: 2000 yuan/academic year/person; Second Award 10 students: 1000 yuan/academic year/person; Third Award 30 students 30 students: 600 yuan/academic year/person.

3. Evaluation Commission
An evaluation commission, made up of the foreign affairs officers of the related departments or colleges and persons in charge in the Office of International Exchanges, is responsible for the organization, and evaluation in the course of implementing the above said ”Proposed Regulations”.

4. Requirements for evaluation
To evaluate the applicants for scholarship on their performance in studies, conducts, and observation of law and discipline as shown in the “Evaluation Form”. (See “Evaluation Form”)

5. Applying and evaluating procedures
1) Applicants applying in person by competing the “Application Form for Scholarship Granted to International Students Studying at Guangxi Normal University”;
2) Class instructors and officers from the Office of International Exchanges reviewing information concerning the applicants in light of the relevant regulations, and filling out “Evaluation Form” for the applicants;
3) Departments or colleges concerned publicizing the name list of applicants to be awarded scholarship for 3 days;
4) The evaluation commission meeting to make final evaluation and decision on who to be awarded and which grade of scholarship.
5) Submitting the final list up to the university authority for approval and confirmation in form of document; holding an award-giving ceremony.