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One-to-one Chinese Language Course—Specially for International Students

In addition to class (group) teaching, a one-to-one teaching program is also prepared for any individual who wants to study Chinese at a certain level or for a special purpose.

Target of teaching: Anyone in good health, no limit of age, curious about China, ready to improve his/her Chinese proficiency, and to take an HSK test.

Goal of teaching: To satisfy a particular need of the learner, prioritize practice and purpose, and improve the ability to use Chinese.

Contents of teaching: Chinese language courses and the related courses such as Chinese Culture, Politics, Economics and History are taught in light of the individual student’s specific intension.

Textbooks: Optional, including the choice made by the individual student, as requested.

Form of teaching
: One to one, e.g. one student one teacher.
Time of teaching: Fixed as negotiated.
Prerequisites of admission: Healthy, having received senior high school education or higher.