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Natural Science Research of Shandong University of Technology

Insisting on the research guideline of “Cultivating Talents, Accomplishing Achievements, and Improving Efficiency”, the university actively conducts scientific research and technological exploitation and has established firm bases for machine building and electronics, vehicle engineering, agricultural machinery, material engineering, chemical engineering, and life sciences. The university now hosts a national engineering technology research center--- National Research Center of Engineering Technology for Industrial Ceramics; a provincial engineering technology research institute--- Shandong Engineering Technology Research Institute; 4 provincial level key specialties--- vehicle engineering, agricultural machinery engineering, machine-building and electronics engineering, mechanical theory and design; 2 provincial key laboratories--- Shandong Precision Mold Laboratory and Shandong Advanced Composite Material Laboratory; 6 provincial engineering technology research centers--- Shandong Engineering Technology Research Center of Clean Energy, Shandong Engineering Technology Research Center of Biology Information, Shandong Engineering Technology Research Center of Ceramics Matrix Composites, Shandong Engineering Technology Research Center of Textile Chemistry and Dyeing and Finishing, Shandong Engineering Technology Research Center of Digital Design and Manufacture, and the Shandong Engineering Technology Research Center of Vehicle Engineering.

The university's scientific research work has been conducted at a fast rate, and the scientific research projects undertaken by the university amounted to 500 or more, among which “Power Plant Advanced Ceramic Filter for High Temperature Purification of Clean Coal”, “Biomass Pyrolysis Technology for Liquids Production”, and “Leading Structure and Action Target for Green Chemical Pesticide ” are ranked as the national “ 863” and “ 973” projects. The university also undertook 13 projects supported by the“National Natural Science Foundation of China”, 4 projects supported by State Oceanic Administration or ranked as “The 10th 5-Year Oceanic Special Project”, among which are “Ocean Floor In-situ Measure and the Study of Its Geological Features” and “Technology of Deep Sea Resource Survey---the Innovation of Thermo-electronic Apparatus and Sample Processing Procedure”. The university also undertook more than 90 other projects which were ranked above provincial or ministry level and solved a great deal of technical problems for enterprises. The average annual scientific research funds has reached 40 million RMB during the recent three years, and within this period more than 300 scientific and technical achievements have been accomplished and nearly 100 patents applied, among which 108 were awarded ( 20 of these were above provincial or ministry level).
Social Science Studies 
Based on the scientific research principle of “producing talents, making achievements, and generating benefits”, Shandong University of Technology (SDUT) actively proceeded to provide social science research and consulting services. SDUT has strong basic and applied research capability. There are 2 province-level research bases – Qi Culture Research Base and Industrial Economy Research Base; three provincial culture and arts major disciplines – music, aesthetics, Qi culture research; At the same time, 11 research centers and research institutes were established by the school to promote development of the local economy.

In recent years, researches in humanity had developed rapidly, especially in the last three years. SDUT has taken on more than 100 provincial and above level tasks including four national social science fund programs. Faculty members have published over 1,500 papers among which over 700 were on core periodicals. Over 40 monographs have been published. Various vertical and horizontal fund of almost 3 million yuan had been in place. More than 200 social science prizes were granted to SDUT, among which 15 were provincial level.