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Regular Bachelor Degree Programs

Shandong University of Technology insists on teaching-centered idea and “cultivating high-quality talents” ideal, aims to foster and train engineers and high-level specialized talents who are “Reason Transcendent, Well-educated, and Practically Able”, and continually deepens educational reform and innovates talent training model. Plans to train talents with “knowledge, ability and quality” have been constructed and talent-training characteristics of the university gradually formulated.

Our university recruits new students in two directions: the arts and the science. The newly-recruited students don't have to choose their majors immediately till the end of the first or the second academic term. At that time, they can choose their institutes and their majors independently according to their achievements, wishes and rules of the university.

The university makes a thorough reform in credit system. There exist three levels of teaching platform in the teaching plan: the general knowledge education platform in the arts and science for the first academic year; the fundamental subject knowledge education platform for the second academic year; the specialized course teaching platform for the third and fourth academic years.

The university opens the “supermarket of courses”, which permits students to select independently across different subjects, across different institutes, across different majors, and across different grades. All kinds of laboratories in the university will keep open for 14 hours uninterruptedly during the day. The students can make appointments according to their time schedules to do experiments in the laboratories.

 In order to learn two majors and get two academic degrees, students can systematically take courses in their minors (second most important subjects) while taking courses in their majors. The university carries out elastic educational system lasting from 3 to 6 years. Students who have acquired the required scores can apply for graduation during each academic term within the elastic educational system. The university arranges one advisor for every 20 students in order to help them with their study, selection of courses and their all-round development.

While enhancing the active reform in teaching content, teaching methods and means of instruction, the university manages the teaching strictly, makes continuous improvement of supervision system on teaching quality, pays attention to the personality development of students and their ability of practice and spirit of innovation. As a result, the quality of students gets improved steadily. In the recent years, the average employment rate remains above 89% and the first time employment rate for graduates of science exceeds 90%. The graduates are highly praised by the society and employers for their solid professional knowledge, their hard working, their excellent professional accomplishment and their team spirit.