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International Students Attend the First Spring Outing

On the 28th of March, 88 international students took part in the first spring outing of the new semester, organized by the SYSU Office of International Students’ Affairs. The theme of this event was “Dream Birdwood’s Mucuna, Spring time in Guangzhou”.

They gathered together at Tian Lu Lake Park to enjoy the best that spring in Guangzhou has to offer them, surrounded by natural scenery . The park showcases various beautiful flowers and plants, especially the Dream Birdwood’s Mucuna, which were very appealing to the students. They took dozens of pictures and chatted with each other happily during the sublime three hours spent in the natural park.

The students couldn’t suppress their broad smiles on the return trip to the school, illustrating just how much they were entranced by their time spent at the park. We hope that next year’s trip will be just as memorable and sweet as this year’s. The students surely wish the same.

Group Photos(click to see big photo)

Source:Admission Office of SunYat-sen University