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Guanghua School of Stomatology

The Guanghua School of Stomatology is one of the major dental schools in China. It was first founded in 1974 as the Faculty of Stomatology, Sun Yat-sen Medical College. Three years later, it became the College of Stomatology of Sun Yat-sen University of Medical Sciences (SUMS), and was finally renamed as the Guanghua School of Stomatology in 2001, when SUMS merged with Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU). Today, the School has a staff of over 400 and nearly 1000 full-time students. It undertakes clinical work, as well as teaching and research tasks, and offers a variety of programs for both undergraduates and postgraduates, and is the only school authorized for stomatology PhD programs in South China.

The Hospital of Stomatology of SYSU is one of the most prestigious and advanced dental hospitals in China. With 208 dental chairs and 66 hospital beds, it is the main hospital to undertake the School's teaching tasks and to provide excellent dental services to the community.

The Institute of Stomatological Research is located in the North Campus of SYSU. Many research projects in the fields of molecule biology, cytology and dental materials can be undertaken at the Institute. The "three-in-one" structure, which combines teaching, clinics and research together, is consistent with the advanced model in the world.

Over the past several years, the School has made significant contribution to the development of higher dental education and the advancement of dental clinical techniques in South China. The School has also made great achievements in multidisciplinary research fields. With its well-structured teaching programs and quality clinical technology, the School aspires to be one of the leading centers in dental education, research and healthcare in China.

•  Department of Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics
•  Department of Oral Implantology
•  Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
•  Department of Oral Medicine
•  Department of Oral Public Health
•  Department of Oral Radiology
•  Department of Orthodontics
•  Department of Pediatric Dentistry
•  Department of Periodontology
•  Department of Prosthodontics

Research Institutes/Laboratories/Centers
• Institution of Stomatological Research
• Laboratory of Molecular Biology
• Laboratory of Cell Incubation
• Laboratory of Tissue Engineering
• Laboratory of Dental Materials
• Training Center of Authentication of Specialist of Chinese Stomatological Association (Oral & Maxilliary Surgery)
• Guangdong Provincial Training Center for Resident of Stomatology
• Training Center of Dental Technology

Exchange and Cooperation
• Comprehensive exchange and cooperation programs in education, clinical training and research, with the Arthur A Dugoni School of Dentistry, Pacific University, USA
• Continuing education and postgraduate program, with the University of Hong Kong