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School of Government

The School of Government was founded on 30 September, 2001. The School has successfully implemented many research programs, which have made positive impact on today's society and economy. It is currently conducting research projects funded by the National Social Science Foundation, the Natural Science Foundation and the Ministry of Education. There are totally.

208 joint programs in collaboration with USA, Canada and other countries, with over 18,800,000 RMB yuan involved. Since 2001, 45 academic books, 27 textbooks and 961 articles have been published, amongst which 31 were published on international journals, 32 were on top academic journals in Chinese Social Science, Economics, Sociology and Political Studies, another 7 articles were reprinted in the Xinhua Digest. The School has been given many academic research awards; for example, Study on Ethical Politics was awarded the second prize for the Excellent Academic Achievement for Humanities and Social Science.

The School aims to provide comprehensive educational programs in accordance with local requirements, which are aligned with international standards. The School is also endeavoring to build up its national and international reputation in the field of governance.

• Department of Political Science
• Department of Public Administration
• Department of Sociology
• Department of International Relations
• Department of Public Communication
• Department of Social Work

Research Institutes/Laboratories/Centers
• Public Administration Research Center
• Institute of Southeast Asia Studies
• Institute of Demographical Studies
• Institute of Political Science
• Institute of Public Communication Studies
• Institute of Social Development
• Institute of Local Governance Studies
• Center for Sociological Studies on China-France Cooperation Industry and Technology
• Center for Human Resources Studies
• Center for Asia-Pacific Studies
• Center for American Studies
• Center for Consumption and Development Studies
• Center for Labour Studies and Service
• Center for E-government
• Center for Social work Education and Research
• Center for Public Affairs Survey
• MPA Education Center

Exchange and Cooperation
• Joint Program for Guangdong Senior Civil Servant Training by Sun Yet-sen University and the University of Oxford
• Student Exchange Program with the University of Economics, Politics and Law at Aix-en-Marseille Province, France
• The School makes full use of its geographical location in the frontier of reform and opening in China, and has established extensive academic collaboration with famous universities and institutions in USA, France, Britain, Singapore, Switzerland, etc. The School has successfully hosted several international conferences, which largely promoted the School's international reputation. The academic collaboration contributes to the development of academic disciplines, professional training and social service. Up until now, undergraduate exchange programs have been established with France and Hong Kong.