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School of Geography

Founded in 1951 yet dated back to 1933 for its orgin, School of Geographical Sciences is one enjoys long history in China and home to many scholars enjoy good reputation at home and abroad. The school has a competent team of scholars. With foundations and grants from the state, provinces and municipalities, its faculty is active players in academic and social applied programs in South China region which is its most dedicated arena. Its scholars have taken charge of or as main cooperators in a variety of programs ranging from national, regional and local geographical scale, say in-depth survey into areas or issues as: the Quarternary research; global change and regional response; South China Tropical Resources; South China Coast; the ShiWan Dashan Mountains in Guangxi Zang Autonomous Region; Red Water River drainage area; Relief and Agriculture in Guangdong Province and Guangxi Zang Autonomous Region; Xisha Archipelago ( belong to the South China Sea); Ancient Ocean Voyage Uranology; Soil in Guangdong Province; the Vicissitude of Rivers in the Pearl River Delta, just to name a few.
Much were and still will be contributed to social applied programs in tourism planning and developing, environmental protection, biological diversity and cultural diversity preserve, land-use and territory management, regional and local development and theoretical research as well. Extensive academic exchanges with fellows in Canada, USA, UK, Japan, Australia, Hungarian, Poland, and Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan districts have build sound relationship between them and widened the horizon of scholars in the School of Geographical Sciences.
A number of interesting and practical courses are available for students’ own choice besides compulsory courses. For each undergraduate student, the school offer a range of field surveys and site-teaching both inside and outside Guangdong Province in which it is based: Many of its graduates have go abroad for further study or work in laboratories and universities in developed countries. Here is the cradle of geography teachers and GIS engineers and training base for managerial personnel for the management of natural resources & environment and urban & rural planning. Interested persons are welcome to study here. For more information, please look the following data or contact with us by email. We are looking forward to seeing you study here.

Undergraduate Programs
There are three  undergraduate programs for full-time students in our school:Department of Geographical Science ,Department of GIS and Department of RE&URM.The first is teacher's program,the rest are non-teacher's programs.
1 . Department of Geography Science:
Major courses offered: An Introduction to The Earth, Cartography, Physical Geography-1(Geology, Geomorphology ), Physical Geography-2(Meteorology, Hydrology, Soil geography and Biogeography), Human geography, Economic Geography (Fieldwork included), Urban Geography, Introduction to Environment, Regional Geography of China (Fieldwork included), Economic Geography of China, World Economic Geography, World Physical Geography.
2 . Department of GIS:
Major courses offered: An Introduction to The Earth, Cartography, Surveying Fundamentals, Physical Geography-1(Geology, Geomorphology ), Physical Geography-2(Meteorology, Hydrology, Soil geography and Biogeography), Linear Algebra, Geographical Information System, Introduction to Remote Sensing, C++ Programming, Digital Image Processing of Remote Sensing, Data Structure
, Introduction to DataBase,Digital Cartography, Design and Development of GIS, Digital Photogrammetry.
3 . Department of RE&URM:
Major courses offered: An Introduction to The Earth, Cartography, Foundations of Geology (Fieldwork included), Phytogeography (Fieldwork included), Human geography, Economic Geography (Fieldwork included), Urban Geography (Fieldwork included), Introduction to Environment, Land Use and Planning, Regional Planning, Urban planning (Fieldwork included).

Master's Programs
1 .Physical Geography Science:
Major courses offered: Progress in  Geography, Global Environmental Change, Theory and Method of GIS, Environmental Planning and Assessment, Glacial Landform and Environmental Change, Environmental Ecology, Theory and Practice of Modern Geograpy, Depositional Environment
2 . Human Geography Science
Major courses offered: History of Geographical Ideas, Theory and Practice of Regional Planning, Regional Economics, Research Progress in Human Geography, Computer Cartography Techniques, Principles and Methods of Land Planning, Population Economics, Quantitative Methods in Geography
Major courses offered: Geographical Information Science, GIS: Principles and Algorithms, Computer Graphics, Remote Sensing Image Processing and Analysis, Digital Photogrammetry, Spatial Analysis
Major courses offered: Surficial Process and Environment, Landscape Ecology and Nature Conservation Management, Quaternary Geology, Landform and Environment, Theory and Method of Environmental Service Value  Assessment, Modern Depositional Environment