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Old campus logistics group held 2011 annual department assessment summary

Old campus logistics group held 2011 annual department assessment summary

Our school won 2011 national commission of ethnic affairs system information advanced collectives and advanced individual table of the southwest national university news on January 9,-January 5,, the old campus logistics group held 2011 annual department assessment summary. The party, vice President of TuDeng and logistics management committee member unit chief is invited to the meeting to hear the group all departments in the annual summary and score. Congress party secretary, by the group samak presided over the body.

TuDeng represented the school vice principal of logistics group the work in 2011 to give the full affirmation and to say thank you. He stressed that the logistics work to set up the humanistic consciousness, provide considerate service, guarantee the school teaching and scientific research of the smooth; Build up the brand consciousness, improve the service quality and service level; Foster a sense of service, do service; To strengthen responsibility consciousness, strengthening the system construction and worker team construction, do "everything is someone tube, everyone has something to do"; Set up the "social benefits" improve the consciousness, honest, trustworthy, by the high quality service quality satisfaction for teachers and students. Hope the old campus logistics group in the New Year in the surf for school development to make more contribution.

The meeting, the group 11 departments attended the reporting on activities assessment. The director of the department in the provision of time according to draw the order with the departments of multimedia report work throughout the year. Through reviewing and summarizing, each department exchange experience, show the elegant demeanour, find the gap, the firm faith, encouraged the morale.

Logistics management and equipment supply ZhangShiHong director comrade announced the excellent department list.

Old campus logistics group manager of the department MaYongZheng evaluation is summarized. He said, see this picture scroll, a constant constant moving scene, is unforgettable. Logistics have made such performance is an important reason for the logistical formation a sincere people, not false, don't cheat, practical work, bears hardships and stands hard work, has the general situation consciousness, service awareness and training, consciousness and dedication, hard catch by management, truth really service worker team of teachers and students. Each department will continue to adhere to the "service first, in order to satisfied for this", through the continuous efforts to make the teachers and students satisfied, let the school satisfied, let logistics employee satisfaction.