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Registration Procedure

1. Registration in Student Affairs Office (320208).

◆Register with your Admission Notice, passport information page and visa page, (original & copy versions), two passport-size pictures and others materials as required.

◆Fill in 3 forms: Student Record, Security Responsibility Agreement, and Registration Schedule for New Students.

◆ Receipt your bank payment sheet for your tuition fees, accommodation fee, insurance fee, etc.


2. Payment at ICBC Bank

◆Pay fees with the bank payment sheets at ICBC bank.

◆Return the bank receipts to the Student Affairs Office.



◆Register for accommodation in 320208.

◆ Check in with the help of the Dorm receptionist at Xi Yi or Xi Wu.


4. Register at Your School (for Chinese-Medium degree students)

◆Language students should have placement test and collect textbooks in the Student Affairs Office (320208).

◆ Chinese-medium degree students should register at your major School with the Introduction letter given by Student Affairs Office. Please attend all classes regularly as required.


5.Physical Check and Visa

You should have your physical check and visa (Resident Permit) done in valid time (one month from your entry into China generally)

Please refer to the Guide attached for detailed instruction.


Health Care Center of Guangzhou International Travel:

Add.:No.207, Longkouxi, Tianhebei Road, Guangzhou.

Tel: 87537322


The Division of Entry and Exit Administration of Guangzhou Public Security Bureau:

Add.: No.155, Jie Fangnan Road, Guangzhou.

Contact No.: 96110110