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Check In




Materials Needed

Pay accommodation fee

 ICBC bank

Queuing number, Bank deposit slip, passport

Get Check-in proof


(Mr. Li)

Bank receipt

Get room key and electricity card


Reception staff

Check-in proof

Check the facilities in your room and check in with your signature


Your own room at C15

Check-in form

Pay accommodation fee

 ICBC bank

Queuing number, Bank deposit slip, passport


PS: Please check your room facilities carefully, report any broken items or not-workable items to the reception staff and mark on the Check-in form. The Service Department will later get them repaired.

B1 C15


1.    When finish bathing with hot water, please remove the campus card immediately; otherwise the hot water machine will be locked automatically.

2.   If the hot water system is locked, you can unlock it with the unlocking card from reception. Please leave your student card at reception for record and get it back when you return the unlocking card.



1.If you want to purchase mineral water, please make a request by calling 39382989 and leave your room number for their information. Or you can make a request at the reception; the receptionist will help you with the request. Each bucket costs RMB 6.5.

2.New student can get a set of bedding from the reception when check in. It includes a piece of quilt, bed sheet and a pillow; or you can purchase in nearby supermarkets like Shibo or Hongcheng.

3.The dorm has laundry rooms with public washing machines on the 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th floor. Every wash costs 3 coins of RMB 1.

4.The dorm has public kitchens on 2nd and 3rd floor. It is equipped with microwave oven, electric stoves and refrigerator.

5. If you want to use table tennis room, gym or activity room, please apply at the recepiton, fill a form and get the permission. Please take care of the property and keep the room clean.

6.The dorm is the home to every international student, please keep it clean, keep your voice low and show your considerations for others. Party is not allowed in the dorm.