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SCUT jointly builds graduate training base with GSPTC

On June 29, the unveiling ceremony for the graduate training base jointly built by SCUT and Guangdong Safe Production Technology Center (GSPTC) was held in Guangdong Mansion of Production Safety.

Vice-president LIU Qijin addressing      Unveiling for the training base

Vice-president LIU Qijin addressing                                   Unveiling for the training base

YANG Fu, director of Guangzhou Production Safety Administration addressing      Group photo 

YANG Fu addressing                                                             Group photo

As the only institution directly under the Administration of Work Safety of Guangdong Province and with many service qualifications of safe production technology issued by the State, GSPTC has undertaken a number of research projects of safety technology and standards. With a solid technological foundation, the Centre will provide an excellent platform for the MA students majoring in safety engineering and other relevant fields. The jointly-built graduate training base will promote the cultivation of talents in these, and is a win-win strategy to cement the cooperation between the two sides.
It is learnt that since 2001, SCUT has started sci-tech cooperation with GSPTC in the fields of safe technology research, the construction of safe production technology base and the service of safe technology consultation. The two parties jointly applied for and undertook nearly 10 projects of state and provincial levels, and received 8 prizes of sci-tech achievements, released nearly 100 academic theses in Chinese and English and made a number of significant results with independent intellectual property.