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SCUT attends inaugurating meeting of ESUGU

On July 9, the inaugurating meeting of Energy Saving Union for Guangdong Universities (ESUGU) was held at Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center. Over 150 representatives from Department of Education of Guangdong Province, the Economic and Information Commission of Guangdong Province, Logistics Management Committee of Guangdong Higher Education Association, Energy Saving Union for National Universities and advanced enterprises of energy saving attended the meeting.
It is learnt that with the support from the provincial Economic and Information Commission and Department of Education, ESUGU is founded as an energy saving platform for Guangdong universities and colleges jointly launched by logistics management committee of Guangdong Higher Education Association and the colleges in Guangdong. It is an important driving force for energy saving in Guangdong universities. In total, 134 universities and colleges in Guangdong join the ESUGU.
SCUT is chairman of this logistics management committee of Guangdong Higher Education Association. On behalf of Guangdong logistics Seminar, Vice-president PENG Shuolong congratulated on the initiation of ESUGU. At the meeting, SCUT was honored as an Advanced National University of Logistics Management in 2010.