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SCUT athlete comes top in World Swimming Championships

On July 26, good news came from World Swimming Championships held in Shanghai: ZHAO Jing, the athlete from SCUT won women's 100-meter backstroke, which was China's second gold medal in the Championships. President LI Yuanyuan extended his warm congratulations to her by short messages.
ZHAO touching the pool wall     Winning women's 100-meter backstroke

ZHAO touching the pool wall                                                Winning women's 100-meter backstroke

ZHAO was an undergraduate from School of Business Administration. And now she is a graduate student of School of Public Administration of Grade 2009. On the final turn of women's 100-meter backstroke on 26, ZHAO touched in 59.05 seconds. In the beginning of the game, she was left behind in the first 50 meters; however, during the last 25 meters, with her superior sprinting capability, ZHAO surged to the front and won the game with a margin of 0.01 seconds, which was hailed as "whopping reverse" by the media. It is learnt that ZHAO will also participate in women's 200-meter backstroke.
As one of the seeded players of China's female swimming team, ZHAO has won medals at home and abroad, and has broken Asian and world records in international swimming competitions for a couple of times. She was the only Chinese athlete that broke world records for three times in FINA Swimming World Cup in Sweden. In World Swimming Championships held in Rome in July, 2009, she won the championships by touching in 27.06 seconds, breaking the world record of women's 50-meter backstroke. In the 16th Asian Games held in Guangzhou in 2010, ZHAO broke Asian records twice and won women's 4×100m medley relay, 200 backstroke and 100 backstroke, becoming the "shining star" in the pools of Asian Games.
To express her gratitude to alma mater, ZHAO presented one of her gold medals to SCUT when she registered for her MA study in 2009.