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Guidance for New Students

Entering Xiamen University

Visa application

Students should apply for X visa or F visa to study in China by taking the original documents and copies of their valid passport, Admission Notice, Visa Application Form (JW201/JW202)and Foreigner Physical Examination Formto the Chinese Embassy or consulate-general in their home country.

Students with X visa should go to the Exit and Entry Administration Department of Xiamen Public Security Bureau to apply for the Residence Permitwithin 30 days after entering the border; students with F visa who wish to extend their stay in China after the term of validity should apply for extension before expiry. Application for visa extension or change of visa type should be carried out under the guidance of OSAO (the Overseas Students Affair Office in Xiamen University ).

In accordance with Rules for the Implementation of the Law of PRC on Control of the Entry and Exit of Aliens,those who fail to obtain the Residence Permitwithin the specified time will be warned by the Public Security Department and be punished with a fine of RMB 500 per day (the total amount not exceeding RMB 5000) or held in detention for 3-10 days or ordered to leave the country within a specified period of time in a serious case.


Health checks

The Foreigner Physical Examination Form(including the original medical report form and original reports such as X-ray, electrocardiogram, blood test reports etc.) is required for applying for the Residence Permit. Students who have had physical examination and obtained the Physical Examination Formin their home country should present the original documents to have their medical examinations verified at designated location (RMB 60 of verification fee). After the verification, eligible students can obtain the Health Certificate, with which they can apply for the Residence Permit. Students who do not have physical examination before entering the border should go to the Xiamen Entry-exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau (Tel: +86 (0) 592 5675915) under the arrangement of our university to have physical examination during the registration week. Eligible students can obtain the Health Certificate(RMB 436 of examination fee).


Student insurance

In accordance with the relevant Chinese national and Xiamen University regulations, enrolled students including degree students and advanced scholars , whose study duration exceeds 6 months, are required to join a group insurance offered by the Ping'An Insurance Company of China or other insurance companies at the time of their registration. The cost of the insurance program recommended by the University and provided by Ping'An is RMB 600 per year which covers the life, emergency and hospital insurance. Overseas students should present certificate of the group insurance on registration.


Campus life

On-campus accommodation

Undergraduate freshmen and sophomores have classes on the Zhang Zhou Campus, and are required to live on campus. Juniors and senior students, graduates and advanced students study on the Xiamen Main Campus and are free to choose to live either in or off campus. Accommodation on campus will be arranged overall by the University, booking application is not necessary. Students who wish to live off campus should apply for off campus accommodation timely at OSAO (1 st Floor, Lianxing Building ).


* Zhangzhou Campus

Student apartments on Zhangzhou Campus are four-person rooms with accommodation fee of 1200RMB per person per year. Every room is equipped with an air conditioner, telephones, internet access points, a bathroom and laundry appliances.

* XiamenMain Campus

There are three buildings for overseas students on Xiamen Campus (Nanguang 4, Nanguang 5, Cai Qingjie Building ). The student apartments are well-equipped with modern facilities, including telephones, air-conditioner, cable TV, Internet access points, water heater and separate toilets. The Overseas Students Service Centre offers meals, coffee, laundry and daily necessity purchasing services. The accommodation fees for one year or above come to about 3000- 6000RMB per year. There are two kinds of rooms available: two-person rooms and four-person rooms. Students need to budget their water and electricity bill themselves.


Off-campus accommodation:

Overseas students are allowed to live off-campus if they are familiar with the environment of Xiamen . Living off-campus in Xiamen is convenient, with the monthly rent for a spacious and comfortable room coming to about RMB 1,500. Students who choose to live off campus are required to report to OSAO and get the approval from the University with the Rental Contract and appropriate certificates of the landlord. To insure your safety, please keep contact with university staff.

■ E-card:For greater convenience on campus, overseas students will be given an E-card after registration, which can be linked with banks and can be used for shopping in the campus supermarkets, eating in campus cafeterias, consulting a doctor at the Xiamen University Hospital or taking a bus, without having to carry cash. The card can also be used as an identity certificate to go to the library. E-cards will be released overall upon registration. If students lose or do not get their E-cards, they should go to the E-card Centre to apply for their cards with the reference letter issued by the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange (Room 806, Jiageng Building 3).

■ Other services:The China Construction Bank, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China , the Bank of China , the Agricultural Bank of China and post office s are available on or near the campus. A ticketing service is available near the West Gate of the main campus.


  Overseas undergraduates who are going to the Zhangzhou Campus should leave their luggage to volunteers with “welcome logo” to deliver.

  Please take care of your personal belongings. Large sum of cash should be deposited into the bank timely. Don't swim in water areas outside the Swimming Centre on campus.