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Professor Lin Boqiang participates in The Economist: Global Energy Conversation

Prof. Lin Boqiang of the XMU China Centre for Energy Economics Research took part in the Global Energy Conversation as a guest speaker on June 28th at the invitation of The Economist. He shared his views on issues such as pressures on future world energy supplies resulting from the rapid growth of the economies of developing countries, on whether China, India and the other emerging economies should adopt cleaner development models rather than the old western ones, and the impact of the turmoil in North Africa and the Middle East on crude oil supplies.

"The Economist" was established in London in 1843. It is well-known for its independence and global perspective, and global energy conversation is one of its key areas of interest.The Global Energy Conversation, on the theme of "What will happen to the world's energy systems?", brought together major energy specialists to discuss energy issues in depth, analyse practical problems, and raise public interest.The participants, in London, Singapore and Shanghai, used tele-conferencing to discuss problems of energy demand and energy conversion. Ordinary netizens were also able to comment and interact with the speakers of the World Resources Institute.

The Global Energy Conversation's rising international reputation attracts first-class scholars and experts to participate. Those taking part from Shanghai included Victor Bekink, a Senior Manager at Talesun, Professor Stephen Lincoln of the University of Adelaide, Charles Tang, the Chairman of the Brazil-China Chamber of Industry and Commerce, and Mr Zhou Ji, the China Country Director.