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MengQingSong, published in 2012 MaJianBiao speech tianjin polytechnic university New Year realistic news network

Carrying the harvest at the end of 2011, the hopeful 2012 coming towards us! In this new, the school on behalf of the party leader team, to all the teachers and students, faculty, and staff from emeritus at home and abroad and care about and support the development of the school alumni from all walks of life friends, my New Year greetings and best wishes!

In 2011, under the leadership of the municipal party committee, the students and teachers staff unite and strive, hard struggle, the school to work made gratifying achievements, realized the "1025" good start of the period, the career development present a vitality.

The school teaching smooth and orderly, quality engineering construction continue to deepen. 13 major was named tianjin brand professional, five major was chosen as a strategic new industry related. Around the high-level talents training target, actively promote excellence engineer training plan, an engineering practice education center, seven in the first professional engineering school implementation plans. Two new chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools project has been approved by the ministry of education. The personnel training quality enhances unceasingly, 2011 university graduate employment rate reached 96%. In the national college students' mathematical modeling competition, electronic design competition of of all kinds course contests, our school for students at all levels 30 awards. Students education further development, the recruitment of students scale exceeded 500. Confucius institute, the work of Chinese teaching made new progress, continue to education maintained a good momentum of development.