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Registration Schedule (Fall Semester, 2011)

Registration Schedule for International Students to study Chinese at TUT

Beginning from the Fall Semester (starting on August 29, 2011):Aug. 29 (Monday) -- Aug. 30 (Tuesday)

Check in at the International Student Dormitory of TUT (The International Student Dormitory of TUT is open to service for 24 hours a day, and the students may check in any time when they arrive on campus). 

Aug. 31 (Wednesday):1. Orientation 2. Placement test (The purpose of the test is to determine what level of classes each student fits into.

Complete beginners of the Chinese language are not supposed to take the placement test and they fit into the beginner classes.). 

Sept. 1 (Thursday):Registration and Payment

Sept. 2 (Friday):Buying text books

Sept. 5 (Monday):Classes start.