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Dragon Boat Festival cultural exchange activities

Dragon Boat Festival is approaching. Many students from Shenyang Chemical University featuring Zambia, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Africa and other countries participated in the day of the dragon boat festival to have an experience of the Chinese culture.

  With the help of Chinese students they learned how to package dumplings in sachets painted in the salted ducks. The Chinese students gave the foreigners which participated multi-colored line bangles which they took home receiving blessing from their loved ones.

  To enable international students have a better experience, in the dragon boat festival, the International Education school sent Chinese students to have live performances and teach package dumpling techniques. This little idea made the atmosphere more active. The students stood in the threes around the booth and folded their sleeves eagerly to make the atmosphere more active.

  There were special staff to introduce the origin of the dragon boat festival. The students listened carefully. During the explanation students understood Qu Yuan and the origin and customs of the Dragon boat festival.

  Finally, both sides expressed gratitude to each other and took pictures together. The international students said that they were happy to understand the Chinese students, the event not only let them practice Chinese but also feel the Chinese people’s strong cultural atmosphere. Through the cultural exchange activities, we introduced the Chinese culture and contemporary Chinese style to students and promote the cultural exchange between China and other foreign countries.