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SYUCT Held New Year Gala Named “A New Start with Hearts Together”

On the afternoon of December 27th, “A New Start with Hearts Together”— The 2018 New Year Gala of SYUCT was held at the Student Activity Center. School leaders and staff watched the show together.

    This gala took “A New Start with Hearts Together” as the theme. The layout of the two chapters, “Love in the Motherland” and “Home in the SYUCT,” demonstrated the patriotic and dedicated spiritual outlook and pragmatic and enterprising work style of the SYUCT people.

    The gala kicked off with the New Year’s greetings from the school leaders.

    Representing the Party committee and leadership team of the school, Party Committee Secretary Bai Wei first sent the most cordial holiday greetings and the best New Year's greetings to the teachers and students who were united and courageously advancing, to the retired old leaders and veteran comrades who cared school and were eager to work, to Alumni at home and abroad who are thankful to alma mater, and to people from all walks of life who pay the long-term attention and support the development of SYUCT! Secretary Bai Wei recalled the outstanding achievements made by the school over the past year in education, scientific research, talents training, and local service. He emphasized that 2017 is the second year of the 13th Five-Year Plan of our university and is a crucial year for the full implementation of the “423” reform and development strategy and construction of the “113”talents training system. This year, we fought a beautiful “tough battle” and got the comfortable feeling of “a light boat that has passed the thousands of mountains”! The media has called the rapid development of the chemical industry a “SYUCT Phenomenon”! The party's Nineteenth Congress proposed that socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era. Secretary Bai Wei called for entering this great era is the fortune of our generation. A generation has the mission of that generation. The mission of our generation of SYUCT is to strive to realize the dream of SYUCT’s taking-off. In 2018, let us lead by the socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era of Xi Jinping, remember the beginning of the mind and remember the mission, carry on with the future, build a dream, and continue to write the legend of “SYUCT Phenomenon”, and take a solid step towards the dream of SYUCT’s taking-off!

    The performance took the ensemble “Towards Rejuvenation” of Students Orchestra of the SYUCT as an overture. The atmosphere of the entire show was warm, and the programs selected by the various departments were on display. Dances, choruses, singing performances, poetry readings and other programs were splendid. The poetry recitation, “Walking into the New Era,” took the view of the witnesses of the rapid development of SYUCT, detailed the hardships and accomplishments of the sons and daughters of SYUCT in the past 65 years and summed up the new progress made in all aspects of work of our school last year. The song “Green Leaves’ Affection to the Roots” is interspersed with the video of the alumni's blessings to alma mater, showing the alumni's gratitude for youth and their deep affection for alma mater. With time-lapse photography as a backdrop, “Walking in SYUCT” used the SYUCT’s version of “Chengdu” to display a new look of our school in all aspects. The chorus “Climbing Up on the Half Moon”, and “Progressive Bar of the Communist Party of China”, sung by school teachers' chorus group, pushed the party to a climax. They sang out the reverence for the party and the expectation of the SYUCT's rapid development.

    In the middle of the performance, the “Top Ten News of 2017 in SYUCT” award ceremony was held to recognize the units and individuals that have achieved outstanding achievements in teaching, scientific research, discipline construction, talents training, and social services. School leaders awarded trophies to award-winning delegates.

    After the performance ended, the school leaders came to the stage to greet the cast and crew and took a group photo