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Register Notice

Dear students:

We warmly welcome you to Dongbei University of Finance and Economics! To help you quickly and easily understand the admission procedures and the new semester schedule, and adapt the new environment as soon as possible, we prepared specially Register Notice for your reference. Because there are a large number of students on registration days, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Registration Dates:


Opening hours:

8:00—11:30, 13:00—17:00
1、Freshman, please go to IICLC office with your passport, admission letter and JW202/201Form. Current students, please go to IICLC office desk with your passport and student card.
2、Then pay fees on the Fees desk.
3、Please go to Accommodation desk to apply a dormitory.
4、Please go to Visa desk to renew or apply a new visa.
Date & Time Events Venue
02.28.-03.02.  Make-up Exam for Undergraduates Classroom:302、303
03.01.(Tue.)13:00 Entrance Exam for Undergraduates ( Chinese Language) Classroom:304、305
03.02. - 03.04. Registration & Payment IICLC Office
03.04. (Fri.)  13:00 Placement Test Classroom:302、303、304、305
 9:00 Physical Examination
class, textbook Meet at IICLC Office
1st floor IICLC building
03.08.(Tue.) 9:00-         13:30 City tour for freshman
Meeting for Undergraduates (Excl. Seniors)
Meeting for Seniors 410 /Classroom No.410 in Zhiyuan Lou
Classroom 302
03.09(Wed.) Classes start classrooms (TBC)
03.13(Sun.) HSK test Zhiyuan Lou
           15:00                              Opening Ceremony
Freshman Education
group photo 11th floor, conference room, Zhiyuan Lou
1st Floor Zhiyuan Lou