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Curriculum of Textile Technology Major for International Students

Ⅰ、 Acceptance Requirements and Duration
 1、Acceptance requirements: Students graduated from higher school with certain aquaculture knowledge.
 2、Duration: Full time for three years.
Ⅱ、Cultivation Goal
 1、The target is to train the “high quality and high skill” professionals who love the motherland, love of labor, support the Communist Party of China's line, principles and policies to adapt to engage in product development, production technology and equipment management, quality management and monitoring, textile marketing, textile orders, with documentary, quote, etc. futhermore, they are strong professional capability, entrepreneurial spirit, good professional ethics and health physician
 2、Educational object, school system and study mode:
This plan should be applied to Junior Sec.School Graduates or key technicians in company with higher educational degree. studying for one year releasing from regular work.
Ⅲ、The analysis of professional position
 1、be familar with textile and the product performance of the product, master the method of the materials of textile product and product inspection method and the quality standard, have the ability of the quality inspection control and management of the quality.
 2、be familar with process of textile production and equipment, have the basic ability of textile design.
 3、be familar with textile market information both in and abroad, and master the basic theory and practice of the international trade, as well as the related law, have the ability to engage in textile business and other international trade and cooperate with foreign economic and technology.
 4、have the ability to use computer to engage in international trade and deal with related data of textile inspection and trade
The graduate of this major mainly face to textile industry, they can work as process design of textile machine, Product development, the operation of the equipment, semi-manufactures and the quality control of the product as well as management of production technology in textile industry. Besides they can engage in general technological work in design and research management. They also can engage in textile international trade or do the textile import and export inspection in the commodity inspection.